CANNONBOLT - The ability to roll into a ball. And a new ability: Shoot lasers.

WILDMUTT - The only alien Ben has so far that can't speak. But he's useful for climbing.

HEATBLAST - Ben's first transformation. He can go into flames whether he's angry, or if he just wants to.

XLR8 - Fast as lightning, XLR8 can sneak up at any given moment.

GREY MATTER - Tiny, but can be handy when you need smarts.

SAWMPFIRE - The ability of plant and fire power makes this one of Ben's powerful aliens. And he stinks.....

HUMONGOUSAUR - He can change his size, including maxumizing his strength to make him one of the strongest aliens.

ECHO ECHO - This living ampifier can also duplicate!

SPIDERMONKEY - Spider and monkey. What's more to tell!

GOOP - Able to shape shift into anything, and stuff.......